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Al Etmanski and his co-authors have been inspirational with their energy, passion and commitment in supporting families plan and create safe, secure and fulfilling lives for their relatives with disabilities. The organisation they founded in 1986 (PLAN Canada) continues to thrive and to date has approximately 100 Networks of support in place. Their ‘Leadership’ training is what inspired the founding members of PIN to develop a similar organisation in WA basing its values, guiding principles and modus operandi on the proven PLAN model.

In Western Australia the Personalised Individual Networks (PIN) concept, inspired by PLAN was established in 2006 by parents wanting to form a network around their son or daughter with a disability to ensure they have a lifetime of support and friendships.  In July 2013 Future Living Trust adopted the PIN service along with the families and their loved ones with a disability and will continue to provide a high level of support.  This service is now known as Individual Support Networks (ISN).

 ‘Safe & Secure’ was originally written for a British Columbia readership: it has proven to be a unique tool for families right across the North American continent, Australia and Europe. First published in 1996 it has proven to be a key motivating factor for families preparing to take the first planning steps in completing Wills and estate plans.

This WA edition written in 2008, has had major contributions from a number of Western Australian professionals to reflect our state and federal legal and regulatory environment.

This edition is the only Australian guide for families who are concerned about the future wellbeing of their family members with disabilities. The WA initiative combines stories of hope and inspiration: it is a practical ‘hands on’ resource designed to support future planning for people with disabilities.

Written to inspire families to action, the book leads families and professionals through a six step future planning process which includes information and options related to: trusts and government benefits; home and lifestyle options; discretionary trusts; financial and estate planning; guardianship and alternatives; and social supports.

This popular tool has broad application with families; health, education and human service professionals; as well as insurance agents; lawyers; financial, estate and tax planners; and trust officers.


Future Living also offer educational forums, designed specifically for parents of people with a developmental disability, to help guide you through the process of creating a future disability plan for your son or daughter.  If you would like to view the modules, click HERE to be directed to the tab on this website. 

Future Living is pleased to offer this book for purchase at the Safe & Secure Forums
or by mail order for $20 plus $6 postage anywhere in Australia.


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