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Future Living is dedicated to helping parents plan for the future of their child with a developmental disability. 

We understand the challenges and the emotions that parents face and meeting with us is cost and obligation free. We've put together some of our most helpful resources to help you and your family with disability planning, disability services & support , wills and trusts for disability & advocacy.

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What is Developmental Disability?

A developmental disability is a disability a child is born with or occurs in the early years of their life. It includes all types of intellectual disability, including Down syndrome, as well as cerebral palsy, autism and spina bifida. A developmental disability lasts a lifetime and often requires ongoing care and support.

A developmental disability usually results in significantly reduced capacity in three or more major life activities, such as communication, learning, mobility, living independently, decision making or self care. It is generally recognised that many people with a developmental disability may experience other impairments in addition to their main disabling condition including epilepsy. People living with a developmental disability are often confronted with numerous life challenges depending on their level of disability which is normally classified into mild, moderate, severe or profound.


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