Trust Funds & Money

Future Living can safely hold and manage money you wish to leave in Trust for your child with developmental disability.

‘How can I securely invest or leave money to support my child’s future wellbeing?’

Parents face many challenges leaving money to a son or daughter who has an intellectual disability. Often parents find that using a commercial trustee company can be expensive and they rarely have the experience or understanding to manage money on behalf of someone who does not have capacity to manage large sums of money themselves.

To help parents overcome these challenges, Future Living Trust offer a secure Trust Fund service designed specifically to meet the ongoing needs of your son or daughter.

A Trust Fund can be created at any time or established as part of a Will.

Monies held in trust are carefully applied by Future Living for the benefit and welfare of your child. Funds are typically used for a wide variety of needs such as holidays, purchasing or replacing household or technology items, dental and ancillary health care, health insurance and regular activities.

Future Living invests all funds in accordance with the WA Trustee Act. Funds earn interest against low fees and charges.

There is no minimum or upper limit on the amount that can be invested, and we encourage parents and other family members to talk to us about the benefits of a Trust Fund and the different trusts that Future Living can be Trustee of including Special Disability Trusts.

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