Circle of friends

‘I’d like my child to have their own informal circle of connected friends who can help them to enjoy their life and the community in a safe and fulfilling way’

Future Living Trust is pleased to offer families this service which commenced in July 2013.

A Informal Support Network (ISN) supports parents in creating a fulfilling future for their son or daughter with a developmental disability.  It creates a network of support around an individual so that they can enjoy & create friendships, be more inclusive in the community, and have the opportunity to contribute to the world around them in a supported, safe and secure way. ISN's are NDIS Registered for further information click here.

A network is a group of connected people formed around the individual with the disability who will support them through the course of their life.  Each member of the network freely forms a relationship with the person with the disability and with other members of the network.  Through these relationships the individual is offered companionship, social inclusion, support and advocacy.  Network members equally benefit from the friendship and reciprocity of the relationship.

Networks are managed by a trained Facilitator who assists the person with the disability in identifying their interests and passions and then invites people who share similar interests or who have previously shared life experiences with the individual, to make a commitment to join their network.

Once a network is established, members agree their roles in assisting the individual with the disability to regularly pursue their interests in the community. The network can also support the individual with decision making and advocacy if needed, particularly post their parents care.

Networks can be established at any time.  An establishment fee of $1500.00 applies.  Parents, or funding through a NDIS plan, are then responsible for the cost of network facilitation as agreed.

The network concept was originally established in Canada by PLAN and has successfully expanded to areas of the US, Scotland and some European countries.  It is a highly Individualised, innovative and well-regarded concept that aims to reduce isolation and loneliness through the promotion of self-determination that allows an individual to flourish in their own right.

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