Disability Wills & Planning

Our aim is to ease the process of planning your Will to protect your families future.

‘I need some help with planning for the future,
especially when it comes to thinking about my Will.’

Future Living as a charitable trust, offers parents and other family members a planning and Wills advice service that is cost and obligation free. Like everyone, we know that parents of people with developmental disability often find the process of making their Will a difficult and highly emotional experience. We know that the process of establishing a secure plan through a Will that appropriately protects the future welfare of son or daughter, as well as caters for other children and family members, can be a challenging one. Future Living has provided caring and professional estate planning advice to many parents as one of the steps in securing the future welfare of their child.

We assist parents in assessing all the options and help identify the best solution for each individual family’s needs and situation. We help make sense of all the legal considerations resulting in a secure plan for making a Will, structuring a Trust Deed, or a Special Disability Trust, that parents can take directly to a lawyer, helping to reduce expensive legal costs. Future Living can also assist parents identify a lawyer, if they don’t already know one, who is experienced in the complex area of disability. Future Living Trust ensures that parents receive independent professional advice that can help guide them in safely and legally leaving assets to safeguard the future
of their son or daughter.

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