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Future Living is proud to launch our new Safe and Secure online learning resource:  After eight months of hard work by a fantastic team of dedicated professionals, we’re delighted to officially open the doors to a new way of helping parents navigate the complexities of long-term planning. 

Designed specifically for parents and families of children with a developmental disability, our new site is packed with practical and relevant information from experts in their field. In addition, real-life stories from other families who share their experiences will help motivate and inspire you as you progress. And in just six clear, easy-to-follow steps, you will be able to create a Safe and Secure plan that gives you peace of mind for the time you’re no longer around.

We understand how overwhelming and complicated - even uncomfortable and frightening - it can be to take the first steps towards safeguarding your child’s long-term future. That’s why the Safe and Secure resource contains all the must-have financial, legal and essential considerations. So you spend less time wondering where to start and more time building a roadmap, putting you in control of the decisions you need to make, all from the comfort of your own home.  

Every family’s journey is different, and we know it’s important to be able to consider, reflect and plan at your own pace without unnecessary pressure. Safe & Secure is an affordable resource with unlimited access, so you can be assured everything is always there when you need it.

Learn more about Safe and Secure at when you need to rely on someone you can trust, it’s comforting to know Future Living has been here since 1989 and will be here for a lot longer safeguarding your child’s future.

Safe & Secure Forums

Our Safe & Secure forum is designed specifically for parents of people with a developmental disability, to help guide you through the process of creating a future disability plan for your son or daughter.

At various times and locations across the metro area we hold forums where you will hear from specialists on Disability Estate Planning, Disability Wills, Disability Trusts, Special Disability Trusts, Superannuation, Insurance and more...Conquer your fears, be inspired and informed!

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